Why can’t we all just get along?

We often ask ourselves this particular question in the presence of conflict. However, that is not always the case for everyone. This includes couples planning to get a divorce or workers seeking help with employment disputes, just to name a few. In most cases, the relationship among the concerned parties may be broken beyond repair, and resolving such matters may require a lengthy and costly litigation process.

Alternatively, the parties involved may hire a mediator in Texas to help them reach a settlement without going to court. Mediation, in short, serves as a viable alternative to settling differences without needing a trial. With that said, there are several reasons why getting a dispute resolution lawyer is more beneficial than engaging in a courtroom battle.

1) It’s Faster

Court hearings—let alone scheduling one—take up plenty of time. Instead of waiting and dreading such a stressful and drama-filled event to occur, mediations allow the parties concerned to work on a compromise in the fastest, most civil manner. That way, everyone can move on with their lives instead of wasting weeks and months on a case. 

2) It’s Affordable

The amount of money you would spend on litigators can be astounding, especially for a court battle. Hiring a mediator allows the parties concerned to make a settlement that works best for them as they get on with their lives.

3) It’s Fair and Honest

The objectivity and privacy of a mediation process cannot be understated; facts and other information that can cause conflict should not be disclosed. However, mediators may soon discover that unspecified facts and evidence may be the key to resolving the matter at hand. Doing so may also help the parties identify the root cause/s of the conflict. Once those have been determined, a resolution can be reached as soon as possible.

4) It’s Civil

Drama is not for everyone. The time and energy you spend during a court hearing may outweigh the amount of money you spend on it. Mediators act as a third party that can create a safe environment for everyone. If necessary, a contract can be formulated to ensure the legality and certainty of the agreement.

5) It’s Empowering

Mediation is more than just an alternative to litigation; it also encourages individuals to grow and speak freely amid a conflict. By talking things through, they allow themselves to be heard and understood by the opposite party and vice versa.

Choose Mediation

Turn to Craig, Terrill, Hamm, Grossman & Erwin, LLP if you or someone you know needs a mediator in Texas. We have lawyers who are experts on business negotiations and contacts. We look forward to helping you attain the most desirable outcome for your legal disputes.