Entering a contract or starting a business is challenging. CTHG transactional lawyers help our clients make the best business decisions possible.

No matter what industry, a transactional lawyer plays an integral part in your decision-making so you can focus on what you truly care about – your business. CTHG transactional lawyers can assist you entering into negotiations and contacts whether you need any of the following assistance:

  • Contract Drafting;
  • Entity Formation;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Policy Formation;
  • Assets and Sale Transfers.

CTHG transactional lawyers review and discuss with you the terms of your agreements and contracts in an effort to avoid the courtroom if at all possible. Thus, they can provide you with the best legal assistance on your business ventures in terms of:

Banking and Finance

CTHG transactional lawyers provide tax advice to clients by developing and planning solutions to minimize tax liabilities. This enables them to create cost-effective techniques in their client’s interest without compromising the business.

Corporate Transactions

CTHG transactional lawyers assist with everything you need to launch and establish your start-up business. We will educate you about the differences between the different entity types and help you choose the one that’s right for you. Through their expertise, CTHG transactional lawyers assist with handling a broad range of basic to complex transactional matters to help protect your personal assets and avoid business implications.

Wind Energy

CTHG transactional attorneys have experience in every industry, including the wind energy industry. That’s why, if you are engaged with this field, choose lawyers who have been practicing and have assisted landowners in negotiating wind energy leases. It will be easy for you to manage the transactions since you have someone professionally knowledgeable about wind energy rights and transactions. 

Contact a Business Transaction Lawyer in Texas

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