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Preparing and planning about the distribution of assets at the time of death should be on everyone’s mind. No matter what a person is planning or what they want to do with their wealth, Craig, Terrill, Hamm, Grossman & Erwin, LLP understands that the preservation and distribution of wealth are unique for each individual.

Our civil litigation attorneys offer estate planning designed for executives and other individuals or families with high net worths, family-owned businesses, or other assets in need of protection. Services provided include preparation of wills, powers of attorney, formation and administration of trusts, estate probate administration, family wealth management and preservation, tax planning, and charitable planning.

With the help of our estate planning and probate attorney in Lubbock, Texas, individuals charged with the care of incompetents, disabled, and protected persons are also assisted through the creation of conservatorships and specialized trusts as well as dispute and non-disputed dispositions in probate. Aside from this, we also provide alternative dispute resolution services to our clients who need to settle lawsuits involving minor and major disagreements.

At Craig, Terrill, Hamm, Grossman & Erwin, LLP, we will work hard to ensure our client’s loved ones and beneficiaries will make the most out of the things they worked hard for. Our estate planning and probate lawyer will guide them throughout the whole process. We will also structure a comprehensive and thoughtful plan for them to control their assets in the event of incapacity or death. Craig, Terrill, Hamm, Grossman & Erwin, LLP’s estate planning and probate lawyer does their best to minimize conflicts between the beneficiaries, offer guidance to their families, protect and preserve their client’s assets, and avoid expenses caused by legal issues.

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