Trial attorneys and appellate attorneys fulfill fundamentally different roles. The trial attorney is responsible for the trial court level including submitting briefs in support of legal positions, participating in pre-trial motion hearings, and conducting the trial. 

Some people think that their trial lawyer can also take on their appeals. However, the attorney who tried the case typically does not handle the legal process of asking an appellate court to review a decision made by a judge in a lower court. This is because appeals are very different from trial practices.

Appeals require skills that differ from those needed at trial. The appellate lawyers at Craig, Terrill, Hamm, Grossman, & Erwin, LLP (CTHG&E) have the skills needed to continue the case to the next stage. Here are other reasons why you should add an appeals attorney to your team:

  • They Have the Necessary Skills

Although trial and appellate lawyers have many similar traits, like problem-solving abilities and solid communication skills, the latter has the expertise required for a successful appeal. Appellate work is very analytical and detail-oriented.  A skilled appellate lawyer will be able to review and analyze the trial record with an eye toward identifying issues to be raised before the appeals court.

  • They Understand What Appellate Judges Care About

The courtroom presentation at trial is different from the presentation that is made in an appellate court. The trial attorney presents facts most favorable to their client before a jury.

The most significant part of a trial attorney’s presentation is oral. However, the arguments made by an appellate attorney are based upon the facts contained in the trial record and focus primarily on legal principles and doctrines. 

The mode of presentation of an appellate attorney includes a written brief and often oral argument before the appeals court.  Experienced appellate attorneys know exactly what procedures to follow and how to craft written and oral argument to make an impression.

  • They Are Experts in Appeal Law

Appealing a case have many unique rules and regulations. Appellate filing alone has critical deadlines and processes that need to be followed. Failing to comply can be fatal to your appeal. This is why hiring an appellate lawyer is crucial.

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If an appeal is necessary, you need a skilled appellate attorney to continue the case to the next stage. The appellate team at Craig, Terrill, Hamm, Grossman & Erwin, LLP is committed to the art of appellate advocacy. We have handled civil appeals to the Court of Appeals, the Texas Supreme Court, and the United States Supreme Court.