Lawyers have specialized practice areas. They provide legal services depending on your needs and the situation you are in. Thus, if you need legal consultation regarding your case, you must know which attorney you should ask for.

Suppose you need an attorney that has expertise in proving that there was an error in your previous trial. This means that appellate law is your concern, the type of law that focuses on the errors and mistakes that took place in the trial court to overturn the outcome. With this, the best professionals to consult are appeal lawyers in Texas. Here’s a checklist of what to look for in an appellate attorney.

Good Track Records in Appellate Proceedings

The track record of an appellate lawyer is one of the first things you should look for. This will indicate how experienced they are in handling appellate proceedings. Also, by asking about their previous performance in fighting for an appeal, you’ll know how long they have been practicing in the field of civil appeals law. So, always remember how track records can help distinguish the right lawyer for you.

Analytical Skills for the Case’s Objectives

An excellent civil appeal lawyer can identify critical legal issues in a case. They excel in legal research and analysis, which are important to success at all stages of an appellate case. They strive to protect their clients’ interests by assessing the court’s decision for legal errors during post-trial proceedings, narrowing the factual and legal issues for the appeal, researching and writing the appeal brief, and conducting oral argument of the issues before the appellate court. 

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When you are trying to figure out how to navigate the appeals process, you will need an attorney who has the right skills and experience to help you. Craig, Terrill, Hamm, Grossman & Erwin, LLP’s board-certified attorneys in appellate law have a long history of success in state and federal appellate courts throughout Texas. If you want to learn more about our appeal lawyers in Texas, call us today so we can schedule a free consultation.