If you’re planning to purchase or sell a real estate property, an experienced lawyer at CTHG&E specializing in real estate can help you navigate all the necessary legal requirements. But how exactly can an attorney help you with your real estate transaction?


An Attorney Drafts and Reviews Real Estate Contracts

If the seller and buyer of the property don’t have a realtor, lawyers can become involved at the outset of the transaction. They can draft the purchase contract and ensure all necessary documents are completed. They will also be able to explain any parts of the contract that seem complicated or confusing.


An Attorney Resolves Title Defects

Problems with a property’s title are not uncommon, especially in older properties. A real estate attorney will conduct necessary title searches for the transaction to ensure there are no title defects.


An Attorney Reviews the Purchase Documents

An attorney will review all documents related to your purchase, such as the title commitment, documents from your lender, and closing statements, to ensure there are no issues that will jeopardize the ownership of your property. They also ensure all the conditions of the buyer’s lender are met.


An Attorney Deals With Zoning and Land Use Issues

Local governments have specific regulations governing land use. Areas are zoned for single-family homes, commercial use only, or mixed-use. A real estate attorney can help a prospective buyer to ensure that the land is zoned or petition for the property to be re-zoned for their anticipated use.


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