Getting a legal complaint against your business can affect the state of your hard-earned property, particularly your finances. Whether your employee, client, partner or another business owner is the plaintiff of the complaint, a lawsuit against your company can cost you a lot of money.  The presence of a trusted legal adviser is needed on this matter so you can protect your business. Read on to learn how your lawyer can help you.

Step 1: Consultation

When you receive the lawsuit papers, the first thing you should do is review them carefully and set up an appointment with your trusted litigation attorney.  At the initial appointment, the lawyer will review how your case should proceed. Bring with you the complaint along with any important document that has a relationship to the case.  Such records might include correspondence and emails, photos, videos, contracts, invoices and estimates.  Through this, your legal consultant can assess the situation and advise you of the steps you should take.

Step 2: Inform Your Insurance Company

A variety of business insurance policies exist to cover companies in the event of a lawsuit.  Should the suit fall under the umbrella of the coverage of your policy, your insurance carrier may provide benefits to pay for attorney’s fees, court costs, settlement or judgment if you are found liable.  If you believe one of your policies covers the suit, forward the complaint and make a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. You should keep your attorney apprised during the duration of litigation, even if an insurance company is involved in defending the case.

Step 3:  Acknowledging the Complaint

Once you have consulted with your lawyer, the next step will be to respond to the complaint. You will be under deadline to file an answer.  Failure to respond to a lawsuit within the allotted time frame gives the Plaintiff the right to request a default judgment.    This means the Plaintiff may automatically win the case and whatever judgment the court makes against you will be enforced.  Your litigation attorney will work to ensure that the lawsuit is responded to within the allotted time frame.  Additionally, a litigation attorney can analyze the case to determine if there is a basis for a counterclaim against the Plaintiff or a third party that might bear some of the liability. 

Contact Your Trusted Litigation Attorney

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