Contract disputes can be messy, time-consuming and expensive.  Contract disputes can consist of simple errors in the contract, failure to establish a timeframe for performance, or, worse, a breach of contract. Most contract disputes are preventable but nothing is more convenient than not being involved in litigation over contract disputes. To avoid such, below are some tips you can follow in preventing a contract dispute.

1. State each party’s responsibilities. It’s important that you all are aware of your responsibilities before signing the contract. Identify the scope of the deal, the timeframe for the performance and the level of quality of the product. They should be clearly listed in the agreement to prevent confusion. Plus, it will be easier to execute all your plans if you establish a clear and well-communicated contract.

2. Keep your contract discussion documented. When there’s a contract dispute, it’s essential to have all the documents ready so that it will be easier for you to prepare the necessary papers for the lawsuit. Make sure to save scanned copies of the original contract and files. With it, you can refer to all the data needed from the transaction when something seems unclear.

3. Include clear mechanism to resolve disputes. Even with the best drafted contract, disputes may still arise. The inclusion of dispute resolution and early termination provisions governing will clarify where and how points of conflict between the parties are to be resolved.

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